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The Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Publicado por focs em 17/06/2015 às 08h41

As I wake up on my comfortable house, drive to work, spend the day on air conditioning, turn on my computer and get shocked at the news of water scarcity, energy costs rising and general corruption on my country of birth, I close myself on my little corner and re-initiate my everyday struggle to keep it lit.

In a rural village of Uganda, my friend Abdunulu wakes up on his cob house, where tap water is nothing but a dream, sewage system a thought of fiction and electricity is only for charging the cell phones, using small solar devices (incredibly enough, the cellular network reaches the farthermost points of the country). He also closes himself on his little corner and battles hard too.

Oil sheikhs, thugs, diplomats, prostitutes, magnates, clerks, moms and daddies, kids and grandpas, they all have their own little corner that must be lit.

Two things unite us all: the energy we use and what we use it for. We're all bond together, as members of a - smaller by the day - global village. The planet where this village was established is the lone source of energy for us all. And all of us, no exception made, use this energy to pursue our own well being, which is, at the end an intangible thing (happiness, peace, health, etc).

What separates us is efficiency: how much energy we use to light our little corner!


Publicado em 04/fev/15


Categoria: Energia, Sociedade
Tags: consumo, eficiência, sustentabilidade

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